WiL (Women in Leadership)

Women in Leadership (WiL) is a highly personalised programme designed to suit your needs and your stage of leadership and ambition.

The programme, offered in partnership by The Affinity Teaching Alliance (TATA) and The Redstart Teaching Alliance (RTA), is funded by the Leadership, Equality and Diversity Fund.

The main aim of the programme is to give women the confidence and support to progress into a leadership position. You may currently work in a middle leadership role and are now looking for the next step, or you maybe just considering your first step into leadership. Whether you are in full-time teaching or on maternity leave considering which way your career is going, this programme will support and challenge you.

There are three parts to the programme and it is designed to complement the Inspiring Leadership Programme and the Women’s Regional Network. It is highly personalised to suit your needs and your stage of leadership and ambition.


There will be three conferences and workshops over the course of the year. Each conference will have a keynote speaker to inspire and tell their story. Workshop style sessions will follow covering a range of topics including:

Leadership styles – know yourself, build a team.

Teamwork – motivating your team, investing in them for maximum impact.

Pace-setting leadership: challenge and support

Being forensic: how to analyse data and develop an effective plan to implement change.

The business of being a Headteacher: finance, HR and premises.

The things they never tell you! - small group chats with serving Headteachers.

Learn how to balance things - being a great mum and great teacher, leader, headteacher. Learning from women who are great Headteachers, great teachers AND great mums too.

You can apply by completing the short application form below:

Email your completed application forms to the following address: teachingschool@redstartpartnership.co.uk. Please clearly mark your email ‘WIL Application’.

If you have any questions or if you would like more information, please contact Beth Souster on: (01460) 260260.


School to School Support

The Castle is a National Support School and the head is the NLE. However we know that each school is different and that School to School Support may be better coming from one of our other schools that share contexts. When the Alliance is contacted for S2S support, the first stage is for the NLE to meet with the Head usually but sometimes the Chair of Governors to discuss what is needed and the way forward. The next step is to broker the support amongst Alliance schools depending on the subjects and/or skills and experience needed for the receiving school. Access to all CPD programmes is included in the support, membership of the Alliance and the Head is invited to attend the core group meetings. 

NPQH Middle Leadership Programmes

LSSW is a not-for-profit charitable Trust, formed and governed by leading Teaching Schools to provide leadership training for teachers across the South West of England. The purpose of the Trust is clear: to develop outstanding school leaders who raise standards of achievement. The programmes are designed and led by experienced school leaders for aspiring leaders 

NPQML Level 1 Programme Summary

NPQML Level 2 Programme Summary

NPQML Level 3 Programme Summary


Sometimes the LA will fund this or the DfE. Schools may wish to fund any work themselves and the NLE will discuss this with the Head/ Chair of Governors at the initial meeting.

To request an initial meeting between you and the NLE, click email: SWatson1@castle.somerset.sch.uk